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Catapult Your Home Staging and Interior Redesign Business to $100,000 and More - 
Don't take the steps when the elevator is waiting!

Now Ranked the #1 Redesign and Home Staging Training Center in the World!

That's right! We train more re-designers and home stagers in a single month than most of our competition does in an entire year and we're growing! There's a reason! Our training is exceptional, thorough and easy to understand.  

However, this training program is recommended only for the elite entrepreneur - that special someone who has taken the basic redesign training already (Rearrange It!) and who is now ready to move on and acquire even more training, strategies, concepts and skills to become a super redesigner/home stager.

Train right at home at your own pace while you're conducting business as usual. Get ready to explode your business after you complete the advanced training program.

From: Barbara Jennings

Have you been a re-designer for a while and are not seeing your business reach the income level you had hoped and dreamed it would become?

Well, you're not alone and I don't want you to feel discouraged. Building a business, any business, takes time and a good deal of hard work. Not only do you have to acquire the skills of the industry you are in, you must acquire the skills of an entrepreneur and learn how to market your business, not just manage it.

For some this is very easy. For others it is a struggle.

Add to that the X factors, such as: your location, your age, your personality, your work ethic, your management skills, your design skills, your tenacity, your ability to take concepts and apply them to your situation and so forth. There is a plethora of skills and knowledge, mixed with timing and a little luck, that is required.

Most of all, it takes patience, passion and self confidence to be a success - no matter what profession you are in.

Rearrange It! was designed to give you all of the basic re-design and entrepreneurial training you would ever need to become a successful re-designer. When you stop to think about it, re-design (the art of professionally rearranging the furniture and accessories that a client already has) is a very simple, low-risk business.

There are few business models in life that are truly as simple and straight forward as re-design.

But Let's Face Facts . . .

Depending on where you live and how you've structured your business, basic redesign services just might not be enough to get you where you truly want to go.

So for those of you who aspire to great things . . . who want the best life has to offer for your business . . . who aren't satisfied with part time income or just getting by but who want a 5 and 6 figure income . . . you're most likely going to need to expand your business in ways you haven't yet thought about doing.

"I can't tell you how impressed I am and I haven't even finished half of your materials. I look so forward to having my "Barbara" time everyday. I will always be so grateful that after researching which route to take in my training,  I found you first. Being in the Wedding industry for so many years and writing a certification course (approved by the state of California then going nationwide) I THOUGHT I WAS THOROUGH! You blow me out of the water. I will keep in touch. Thank you for just being you." - Tina Beene

So, if you want to make even more money ... want to expand your business beyond your wildest dreams ... want to learn how to do it in the comfort of your home, at your own pace ... - then read on!

... Advanced Redesign Training is Finally Here ...

Yes, that's right. I've spent the last several months writing my newest training program that is guaranteed to take re-design to a whole new level. It will be so involved and full of strategies that it will be literally impossible for anyone to do everything.

You'll actually have to evaluate each and every idea and concept independently and make some hard choices on the ones that will be right for you, letting the others fall by the wayside because there simply aren't enough hours in the day to do everything.

"I just received your Silver Decorating Package (book form)  in the mail on Friday. Boy what a great resource! Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge!" - Michele Losino

Words of Wisdom When Making Decisions

"When I was still in my twenties, I was tapped to be president and CEO of a computer company. In a Board of Directors meeting one day, I was defending one of my officers who was under criticism from some of the board members. A gruff old Italian gentleman on the board maintained silence during the meeting (I think in order to avoid embarrassing me), but he came up to me after the meeting, put his arm around my shoulders, and said, 'Henry, my boy, just remember one thing: If you walk with the lame, you will learn to limp." I never forgot it."
     - Henry Hillenmeyer, Chairman/CEO/ Cooker Restaurant Corporation

Do your homework. Spend some time browsing around the internet for redesign trainers. Visit their testimonial pages (from trainees and clients) and see how few testimonials they have. Look at how many testimonials I have just on this one page. Now they limit their "classes" and "seminars" to 4 people per month, as a rule. That being the case, if they are really, really lucky - really lucky, filling up all of their classes each month (which they tend not to do) - they maybe train 48 people in a whole year. And that's stretching it.

So remember: If you walk with the healthy, you will learn to sprint!

Now do some more quick homework. Compare our program with theirs. For a quick overview of our program vs. our competitors, a summary of our recommendations and a more complete list of unsolicited testimonials, click on the links below.

Redesign Training Program Comparison Summary

Summary of Our Redesign Training Recommendations

A Few of Our Unsolicited Testimonials

"The wise in heart shall be prudent." - Proverbs 16:21

Why People Fail!

I've said it before and I'll say it again. One of the biggest reasons many decorating entrepreneurs fail is that they waste huge amounts of time and money chasing methods that don't work or fighting off their own personal fears and doubts. They aren't truly committed to their new business and they mistakenly think it's automatically going to drop into their lap. If you think any business does that, you seriously need a reality check.

So this is why I encourage anyone reading this to take my basic training BEFORE you take the advanced training. It's like being a basketball player. You've got to learn the fundamental skills of the game, like passing, dribbling, shooting a lay-up, and some basic offensive and defensive strategies first.  When you've mastered the basic fundamental skills, then you're ready to learn some of the advanced skills, like dribbling thru the legs, behind the back passes, dunking, and some of the fancy shots and more complicated offensive and defensive plays and concepts.

That's not to say some people have rare, natural abilities. But most of us don't. Most of us have to learn the skill, practice it for a while, get good at it, and then take on more advanced skills.


TESTIMONIALS - "I received yesterday my Deluxe Program so I also downloaded the eBook. Wow! I am sooo pleased! I have learned more in one evening, night and this morning (needless to say I got only 4 hours sleep) than I have in many, many hours of design classes! I paged through everything very quickly, reading snip here and there. Despite having worked for 7 1/2 years as a cabinet/closet/storage/kitchen designer I realize now I have only been touching the tip of the iceburg of what I could and should be doing to capitalize on my talents. I can't wait to read more! I'll let you know how my appointment goes. With much thanks, Mary Margaret Connolly"

"I don't know how you've done it, Barbara, but you managed to blow my mind. I thought I directory2@barbarajennings.comew just about everything there was to know, but you really opened my eyes. Thank you for another great training program that has already helped me increase my profit margin. - Julie Anderson"

"A great read - I learned a lot and now I'm exhausted. Many thanks. - Sylvia Trenton"

"This was very thorough. I'm so excited I can't decide what to add on next. - Vicky Choimen"

Advanced Re-design is a rich how-to guide (also available in softcover) that goes where Rearrange It stopped.

This isn't your average decorating business training. I can best describe it as layered strategizing. Taking the basic building blocks of re-design, in my advanced training program, you're going to learn how to build on them, expand them, tweak them, and bring such a strong life-long strategy on board, it may even make your head spin and you'll find yourself totally exhausted just getting through it all. But never fear. What will initially feel overwhelming will sort it's way out and given time, you'll rise out of the process a stronger re-designer, one capable of going to great heights in our industry.

"The wise in heart shall be prudent." - Proverbs 16:21

As I've stated all along, you deserve to have the best-reasoned, the best informed, the most objective and knowledgeable advice you can get so that you can make intelligent decisions regarding your future, so that you don't live to regret paying out a small fortune for information that proved to be inferior or incomplete or that didn't motivate you and sustain you. I don't want to see anyone get caught off guard, wind up misguided or make critical, imprudent decisions that could set them back - especially when I've been told by others how disappointed they were in the training they received by my competitors charging thousands of non-refundable dollars.

I guess there are people who opt to go that route, but for the life of me, I can't understand why. I believe that any trainer worth her salt should offer students a money back guarantee. I'm so confident of the value of what I offer; I'm completely unafraid to put it out there for anyone to investigate and, if dissatisfied, get a full refund within a respectable amount of time.

interior redesign, decorating living room, redecorating room

I've been redecorating the homes of clients in Southern California, using the furniture and accessories people already own, since 1986 and I know how to do it and do it well. I'm semi-retired now, so I'm putting it all down in writing and letting other creative people take up the gauntlet, so to speak. You can take advantage of all of my experience - learn from my successes - avoid my mistakes - cut your time to reach the top of the mountain to a fraction of what it took me. You see, I had no one to teach me. I learned it all on my own over a nearly 20 year period of time. You can avoid all of that, but only if you take advantage of this special, exclusive offer.

Benefit for a Lifetime!

Let me remind you: You don't need a degree. You don't need to be certified. You don't need to be connected to anyone or anything! You just need to be well grounded in the basics of re-design and then plunge right in to the advanced training. You'll have so many tools at your disposal, I guarantee you that you'll have a hard time focusing in at first.

I'm going to cover topics like:

  • Revisiting the Ten Most Basic Interior Re-design Strategies
  • Paint and Color Consultations
  • Holiday Party/Special Occasion Decorating
  • Exterior Holiday Decorating Services
  • A Decorating Shopping Service
  • Relocation and Move-In Services
  • Real Estate Ready to Sell Service
  • Serving Blended Families
  • Serving Downsized Families
  • Workshops and Speaking Engagements
  • Isolating Your Strengths
  • Creating Displays and Vignettes
  • Public Speaking Tips
  • Fees You Should be Charging
  • Why Some Redesigners Are Successful and Others Are Not
  • The Psychology of Selling Redesign Services
  • The Best Ways to Present Your Interior Redesign and Home Staging Services
  • The Psychology of Maximizing Your Profits to Clients
  • How to Maximize Your Profits
  • 10 Killer Ways to Maximizing Your Products
  • More on Getting Referrals
  • Ways to Keep Clients Coming Back for More
  • Guarantees That Have Power
  • 9 Tools for Building Customer Loyalty
  • How to Exhibit at Trade Shows
  • The 6 Top Accessories Clients Usually Don't Have
  • The Top 61 Design Centers in the USA
  • More Tips on Pricing Your Services
  • 10 Indepth Chapters on the Top Ten Strategies to Redesign Super Stardom
  • Selling Your Home Staging Services
  • Our exclusive 251 item checklist of things you can be paid to do as a home stager
  • The top business forms you'll need tailored for our industry (our exlusive forms -if you see these selling elsewhere, they stole them from us)
Forgive Me for Not Being More Descriptive!

I know it seems like a short list, but that's because I've grouped my top ten strategies together at the end. I don't want you to prejudge anything. I also don't want to let your competition know what I'll be teaching you to do. I want you to have the edge out there in your area, so I'm not going to share this information with anyone but those that purchase it for their own business use.

Besides, you need to read about them in detail to capture what I'm saying and it would not be fair to you or the strategies to say anything more about them here. But if you've already taken training from me you know that I'm pretty thorough and I give you plenty of information, lots of tips, tried and true procedures and ideas. I've been doing this a long time and I've also gleaned some ideas from other successful re-designers and combined them all here into a powerful guide.

I will be the first to admit to you that even I have not done everything I'm writing about. As I said, there isn't time enough to do everything and do it justice. But I've done most of the strategies myself and I can attest to their integrity and the nice profits they can generate when incorporated correctly into your business.


Just imagine yourself having a hefty bank balance at the end of the month to carry forward. Imagine yourself working smarter and not harder. Imagine yourself having time to treat yourself to a luxurious vacation. Imagine yourself going into a store and not having to look at the price tag before buying what you like.

Are You Ready for the Next Level Up?

Remember, you don't need to be wildly successful at basic re-design to take the advanced training. I would prefer you have some exposure to the basics first, but how soon you start is up to you.

Advanced Redesign (an electronic book which you read on your computer) has everything you need to do it right! It is the equivalent of 200 in-depth pages of money making strategies for the truly professional entrepreneur who wants to build a very lucrative interior decorating business. And just so there is no misunderstanding - you do not need a college degree or any kind of certification or license to do any of the strategies that I will teach you. Bring the zeal and enthusiasm and a willingness to learn and follow directions. You could very well be the next super star in re-design!

Get Trained Immediately and Start Making Money Right Away

You could be advancing your business in about 5 minutes from now by ordering your copy online or get the printed version for more flexibility.  

"I am really intrigued ......great stuff!!" - Teresa Truitt Weidner

"I can't tell you how many times I wanted to email you this last week and just didn't have the time. Well, I home staged 2 homes last week and they both sold already. I did a house on Wednesday and it sold on Thursday after the "Broker's Open". It didn't even make it to "Open House" day. And by the way, the agent who hired me said that all of the agents walking through the house on Thursday kept asking who was the designer and could they get my card. I can't tell you how great I feel. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS CAREER!!!!  - Tina Beene"

Free Bonus Gifts Included!

Four Bonus Gifts

barbara jennings, interior redesign trainer, home staging trainerBonus #1 - Since there is a huge interest among re-designers and others in home resale/staging concepts, I've expanded on the subject, devoting an entire chapter to it. But more than that, I've also put together an exhaustive check list/estimator (VALUE: $129.95) to help you consider every possible service and detail, then estimate the time it would take to do it and arrive at a reasonable cost estimate to quote to your clients. This comes as a Bonus when you get your copy of Advanced Redesign.

Bonus #2 - Ten Business Forms (VALUE: 59.95) you can use as is or adapt as you see fit for your redesign business: An Estimate Form, an Invoice Form, a Control Form, an Independent Contractor Form, a Release of Mechanic's Lien Form, a Change Work Order Form, an Authorization to Return Goods Form, a Consulting Services Agreement, a Conditional Sale Agreement, and a Pre-Settlement Disclosure Form. Depending on how you set up your business, you may not need some of these forms, but they are here to help you get going instantly. These are your 2nd bonus.

Bonus #3 - Not everyone is capable of adapting concepts, strategies and tactics to their own unique situation. You have the ability to write me at any time for free ongoing advice whenever you need it (VALUE: $500). That is worth MORE than the price of the training, just by itself. Think about it. You get the world's No.1 Redesign Trainer as your personal mentor - just an email away at no additional charge.

Just like all of my eBooks, you will be given my private email address so that you can ask me questions that pertain to your own situation. You'll be able to have me help you personally whenever you need it. One single client will make you back triple the price of this eBook or more, so you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Bonus #4 - On top of that, you'll also get my monthly redesign and staging newsletter to help you build your business. You can't sign up for this. You can only it if you are one of our trainees. We will sign you up for it.

Bonus #5 - For those who qualify, I'll also give you a valuable business listing in my extensive online directory with no renewal fees. You'll never get a deal like that anywhere else. Most directories have monthly or annual fees to join.

"Dear Barbara, Thank you for getting back with me. I also wanted to take this time to tell you how much I appreciate your monthly letters!!!  Kimi Young"

"Hi, Barbara: I just wanted to drop you note to let you know that I thoroughly enjoy your newletters and find them most helpful! Thank you for giving us so much support." - Leslie Saez

No one has the subject of redesign covered more thoroughly - no one. Suffice it to say, this training doesn't need to offer a single bonus to be worth every penny. But I'm trying to make this training as complete as possible, so you be able to move on and build a very successful decorating business.

People who know, know that having your personal mentor is worth far more than the price of the product itself, because making the application to your personal situation is where the true difficulty lies in learning anything new.

But I'll be here for you, advising you and helping you every step of the way, so long as I breathe and you need me. You have my word on that!

Total Value of Bonus Package: $689.90.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Within minutes you can start building your business in a myriad of ways you've probably never thought about doing. Within just a few minutes you could be on your way to maximizing your full potential, pulling out all the stops, mulling over one idea after another and picking the ones that suit you the best. You do have to work at it, I won't kid you, so if you're lazy, it's not for you.  But if you really want to make top money, if you crave enjoying the peak of success, at least check it out!

You can order your copy through our Secure Server on line and get instructions on how to download it on to your computer in less than 5 minutes, or you can FAX, phone or mail in your order, using the links below. It takes longer that way, but it's up to you.

Order now. Cause if you wait, I guarantee you'll never do it and five years from now you'll be regretting it big time as a competitor moves in and takes the business right out from under your nose!  Ground floor opportunities don't come along all that often.  Redesign is just beginning to really take off.  Most people haven't heard of it yet -- but many have.  Either way, that's good for you, but only if you act soon.  Right now there's very little competition and you can jump in and go!  But first you need to learn how from someone who has done it for years! If you're in an area that has competition, you better find out the advanced strategies before your competitors do so you can take over the scene. You definitely want to gain the edge and this is the perfect training program to help you do just that.

If you order today this eBook will only be a low, low $131.95  $111.95 (eBook version with directory listing and bonuses) or $176.95  $156.95 (printed version, plus shipping & handling, directory listing and bonuses).  Or buy the book alone for $67.00 $47.00 (including monthly newsletter). That's a tremendous bargain considering that you won't find this type of training any where else for any price.

What is it worth to you to learn how to double, triple or maybe even quadruple what you're now earning? What is it worth to you to leave your competition in the dust? What is it worth to you to become THE REDESIGNER in your area that everyone is talking about? Besides that, you should make three times that amount back from your first client. Don't delay as this price may go up at any time. You're not going to find an advanced strategy training on redesign out there any where, I guarantee it.  This is an incredible deal, even at two, three times the price.

Remember My Free Bonus Gifts

The same day I receive your email with one or more questions, that's the same day you'll get a response back from me, all tailored to your personal situation and at no additional charge. You'll get your own personal mentor and instructor by email. That's my personal promise to you.
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Summary of My Interior Redesign Training Program

Unsolicited Testimonials on our Decorating Products.

The Basic Redesign Training Course.


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