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Home Staging and Redesign Apron Helps You Look Professional While You Work!

Save Your Clothes From Dirt and Grime!

Now you can protect your work clothes while on a project and look professional at the same time - with our custom printed aprons!


There's nothing worse than being on a project and working industrially, only to spill something or rub up against something that soils (or worse ruins forever) your clothes.

That's why prudent home stagers and interior re-designers wear our classy aprons over their work clothes.

Since they are custom imprinted with the phrase "Professional Home Staging and Redesign", they always make a statement and can be worn by anyone, whether trained by us or not.

See below for a close up of the imprinting.

Consider buying 2 or more to have on hand, just in case one needs to go to the laundry right when you have another project booked.

Trying to find the right clothes to wear, that look professional while being comfortable, need not be a problem any longer.

 We chose black aprons so that they will coordinate with any color you might wear - and so that they will be the least likely to show dirt or grime.


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