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4 Easy Ideas to Add Fall Colors to Your Home

Whether you're decorating your home, redesigning how you've arranged it or staging your home to sell, it's a great idea to incorporate some fall colors here and there. You don't have to go overboard. Just a little will do it. But don't think Halloween. Nah! Just think about the colors and accents that are common to the fall season. Then have fun pulling some of that into your look. Here are four super easy ideas:

White Pumpkins - Buy three large white pumpkins and wrap them with bittersweet vine. Space them down the middle of your table on a beautiful orange table runner. Add dishes, glassware and napkins suitable for the color scheme. The dishes should be white or mostly white. Add some orange or golden votive and some decorative napkins. Instantly you have a beautiful centerpiece for your table that is full of color, flavor and ambience.

Make a Leaf Bowl - Decide how many you want to make. Buy medium to large sized balloons and blow them up and tie off. Place each one in a bowl. Go out into your yard, down the street, to a nearby park or your craft store and collect an assortment of fall leaves. Real leaves are the best as they are colorful, very different and genuinely authentic. Paint the top side of your leaves with decopage or matte medium. It won't hurt to paint the balloon with a coat as well. Position the leaves carefully (right sides against the balloon) into the decopage or medium and press gently against the balloon to form the same rounded shape as the balloon. Once in place, apply another coat of decopage or medium to the back of the leaves. Set aside to dry. Once the whole arrangement is thoroughly dry, pop the balloon with a pin and remove it. Fill your leaf bowl with nuts or pinecones or artificial flowers. Or add colorful fruit or vegetables fromt the season. How unique and easy is that?

Cactus Decorating - There are many interesting shapes and sizes of objects that one can use to create an interesting arrangement. Flowers are usually the first thing that comes to mind. But don't forget about succulents that are hardy, colorful and beautiful. They last much longer than real flowers and add texture and interest to your arrangements. Look for interesting containers that are unexpected. Be unpredictable with your decorating.

Repurposed Candleholders - I have a store near me called Savers, which is a second hand store filled mainly with clothing, but they also carry all sorts of small accessories and even some furniture. One thing you are sure to find are old candleholders. If you're lucky enough to find some old wooden candleholders in different sizes, pick them up for next to nothing. Then get some black spray paint (or other color of your choosing) from your hardware store and spray paint them all the same color. This will unite them and make them look like a set, no matter what design or style they are. Then add your decorative candles on top, some leaves and you have repurposed some ugly,unwanted candleholders into a real treasure. And the best part of all, you made it yourself. Your family and friends will think you're a genius.

What to Decorate With - Here are just a few of the different kinds of products you can use to pull in some fall colors and other elements commonly used at this time of year: billy buttons, dahlias, gourds, mums, nuts, berries, pinecones, leaves, oak branches, pine branches, kale, squash, pumpkins, wheat, cactus, white pumpkins, bittersweet vine, black eyed susans, Virginia creeper, cattails.

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