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Live out of my area? Want an experienced, highly trained furniture and accessory arrangement specialist to give you some personalized advice on how you've arranged your home and give it to you at a very affordable price? Well, you asked for it so here's what I'm offering to do.

Introducing: Decorating Advice by Mail, my newest way to help you specifically, especially if you live out of my area. Please note: This is targeted advice on furniture and accessory arrangement only. Do not send me inquiries on what color to paint your walls, how to colorwash a wall, where to get a specific fabric, or other such general questions. This offer is strictly to help you create a professional furniture and accessory arrangement for any room in your home. Here's how it works.

You will send me a simple sketch with measurements (details below) and photographs. I will in turn analyze your room and your present arrangement of furniture and accessories and write you a detailed critique of what I would suggest that you change, alter, add or discard to improve the arrangement. My critique will include a line drawing of your room, including the furniture arrangement I would suggest, plus a written letter which will include the finer points of what I am suggesting and the reasons behind it. The price for this specialized critique is only $100 (and I'll probably spend a good hour creating your personalized analysis), well below my normal charge of $150 per hour. Why am I slashing the price? Because I'm really committed to helping people improve their home environment and quite simply, I'm glad not to have to leave my office to do it.

And, in an effort to help more people, I reserve the right to use the photographs and the materials that I create as part of my on-going trainings. But I shall not use any of the names of clients, I promise. So you can take advantage of my training motives and get a detailed analysis of any room of your choice for only $100, more than 60% off my normal charge for on-site consultation. I think this is more than fair.

See an Actual By Mail Rearrangement Consultation

If you're interested, click on the link at the bottom of this article to purchase your personalized room critique. Then follow the instructions below. The more you send me, the better and more specific my analysis will be.

Go to the bottom of this page article and click on the Purchase Link. Send me your room measurements and, preferably, photographs of the room you wish to have analyzed. Sketch out the shape of the room on graph paper (you can print off a sheet of graphpaper at the following link: GRAPHPAPER and mark the various architectural elements, such as doors, windows, fireplace, and so forth. Indicate the measurements of the walls or sections thereof.

Sketch in the furniture you have and where you have placed it in the room. Indicate the length and width of each piece. Indicate what type of furniture it is: coffee table, end table, console, hutch, and so forth.

Take photographs of the room. Stand in each corner and take a picture of the opposite corner. Then stand in the middle of each wall and take a photograph of the opposite, parallel wall. This will give me the best feeling for the room. Since I won't be there physically, angles and depth will be harder to decipher, so the more pictures you send the better.

Send the sketch on graph paper, the photographs, measurements of the room and the furniture, along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope (if you want the photos returned) to me. In a cover letter, state your name, address, phone number and email address and a brief note as to what you'd like me to do for you. Send everything to: Decorating Advice by Mail,, 19581 Topeka, Huntington Beach, CA 92646. Do not send me image files. This will just slow down the process and makes it too difficult for me. Try to send me good quality photos that are not too dark, please.

If you have questions regarding the procedures, click here: Questions. The purchase link is below. You may order the service by credit card or send a check or money order when you mail the sketch, measurements and photos. Please allow one week for me to do the analysis.

Purchase Decorating Advice by Mail

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