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interior redesign, furniture arrangement, furniture placement

Don't Hurt Your Back!
These Furniture Sliders Work Great! Easily Move Heavy Furniture on Carpet!

I have professionally rearranged furniture for my clients since 1986, long before these handy furniture sliders were invented. Some people now refer to them as "furniture feet" or "furniture sliders". I well remember the old days of risking my health trying to move heavy furniture around for my clients. Now it is so easy, you wouldn't believe that a small framed woman can easily and quickly move a large sofa, table, entertainment center or whatever - and move it by herself with ease.

While these aren't the first discs of this nature ever invented, I love them because they are more professional looking and geared for professional work. Some of the other varieties have tended to buckle under the weight of the furniture. These are more study, in my opinion - and they look great too. No longer do I dread having to move my large screen TV or sofa or anything else so I can clean back of it or under it. With the sliders, the job is super easy. Keep your sliders handy any time you want to move something heavy, even if it's just for cleaning or adjusting positions.

"The sliders arrived on Wednesday 5 October last. I bought them so that I could move a fairly large sideboard. I used them straight away and they are absolutely fantastic. I knew they would work but did not expect that they would work as well as they do. I am really amazed. Thank you so much for arranging this for me. I know that you went out of your way to post these to Ireland and I really appreciate your help. You have been great. - Anna Hoare, Ireland"

Easily Move Heavy Furniture on Carpet

ez moves, furniture sliders, moving men discsez moves, furniture sliders, moving men discs

Just tilt the furniture forward or backward slightly, enough to push one of the sliders under each of the four corners. Then easily push your sofa, table, lounge chair, TV unit, armoire - whatever - to the new location. You hardly have to exert any effort. They are amazing! If you're by yourself, just tilt the piece of furniture forward or backward, then push one of the sliders under one corner with your foot. (Just be careful not to untilt the furniture while your foot is near the slider.) It's that simple. I can't tell you the number of times I've moved my furniture from room to room and back again all by myself since I've had these handy little sliders.

If you're thinking about or presenting in the interior redesign or home staging (staging homes, house fluffing, rearrangement business) business, then these furniture sliders are a must have! I never ever go to a redesign or staging appointment without 2-3 sets of sliders. The reason I take more than one set is so that I can move several pieces of furniture at one time without having to move the sliders any more than necessary. They are so inexpensive, investing in more than one set is a must for me.

TESTIMONIAL - " . . . the sliders (floor and carpet) are wonderful. My clients are amazed at how “strong” I am and how easily their heavy furniture moves. - Sharyn Hutchinson

Why They Work So Well

    ez moves, furniture sliders, moving men discs
  • There's no need for adhesive. The thick, dense foam conforms to any item placed on it, gripping furniture and staying with the object being moved.
  • The thick foam and curved base raises the furniture above the carpet nap to allow free movement.
  • They have a super strong base with patented dual spring action (curved in two directions) and are engineered to apply constant upward pressure to keep the slide in place.
  • Their elongated shape allows for easy positioning under items being moved.
  • The round rimmed edges will reduce friction and make moving from one floor surface to another easy.
  • Their ultra smooth base glides on most floor surfaces with ease, especially carpet.
  • For convenient storage, there is a hole incorporated into the base. Use the reusable storage tie that comes included.

ez moves, furniture sliders, moving men discsDon't Miss Your Chance

The sliders come packaged 4 per set and measure 9-1/2" x 5-3/4". Your investment to protect your back is only $23 per set (4) plus shipping. Won't damage your back or your carpet or furniture. Used by homeowners, housekeepers, floor covering installers, painting contractors, janitorial services, carpet cleaners, interior redesigners and home stagers! Great for moving beds, sofas, entertainment centers, bookcases, desks, dressers, armoires, file cabinets, office furniture - you name it. If it's on carpet, you need these little guys!

How to Purchase

Purchasing is easy: Secure Shopping Cart/Tools of the Trade. Scroll down until you see the Furniture Sliders for Carpet.

Furniture Sliders for Hard Floors

Moving heavy furniture or appliances on hard floors? We've got that too! See our felt covered sliders for moving appliances or furniture on your hard wood floors, tile floors, vinyl floors.

Furniture Movers for Hard Floors

Furniture Lifter Set

This steel lifting bar gives you just the right type of leverage to lift one end of a heavy piece of furniture or appliance enough to get a slider under it. It's so easy to use, a child could almost do it. I never go anywhere to redesign or stage a home without my lifter. It's a life saver.

Steel Furniture Lifter Set

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Imagine yourself totally independent, free to have fun while you work. Imagine the feeling of prestige when you describe what you do for a living. Imagine leaving a client's home after getting a hug for making their living room look spectacular. Imagine making $75-150 an hour for doing what you love. Imagine . . .

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Imagine being able to completely redecorate any room in your home in a day. Imagine your husband saying "Wow! This looks great! Where did you learn how to do this?" Imagine your children being proud to show off your home to their friends.

Arranging Furniture Training


Imagine walking into a high rise building, taking the elevator to the top suite, meeting the facilities directory and being hired to create an art program for the business. Imagine seeing the art you chose, framed and hanging in their suite of offices. Imagine the thrill of the employees seeing their workplace become beautiful and a more pleasant work environment. Imagine it! The next time someone asks you what you do for a living, imagine telling them you're a Corporate Art Consultant.

Corporate Art Consultant Training


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