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Home Staging Business Training
Financial Strategies for Home Stagers

getting paid financial strategies for home stagers
Best Selling Author, Barbara Jennings,
reveals the secret insider tactics that have helped thousands of home stagers make sure they get paid
at the end of a project - in spite of the economy
or the length of the project.

Never again worry about whether you will get paid for your projects. Learn how to survive and grow your business in any economic climate. Protect yourself the smart way.

7 Reasons Why You Should Read This Letter Thoroughly
Read this letter thoroughly and completely . . .
  • if you've ever been stiffed by a client
  • if you find your client trying to negotiate you to a lower price
  • if your clients hedge and avoid paying your fees
  • if you're worried about doing the work before you're paid
  • if you've had to sue a client for failure to pay and you lost the case
  • if you are struggling during a down economy
  • if you want to increase business and decrease your risks

The business of home staging can become complicated. It can involve many, many days on a project to complete. It can involve many independent contractors. It can involve mistakes, changes from the original contract, unanticipated consequences and much more.

Imagine yourself having expended all of your creative talent and energies as a home stager to a project that lasted for several days - or even weeks - only to find out on the back end that your client refuses to pay for your services. Imagine the horror of having to pull together proof of your work and finding that you have failed to protect yourself properly against unscrupulous home owners.

I'm not the only home staging trainer who teaches people how to start, build and grow a home staging business. But I bet I'm the only one to write a book on the subject of how to make sure you get paid for what you have done for a client..

What You Should Know Before Accepting a Project

home staging and interior redesign coursesHello, I'm Barbara Jennings.

I've been in the home staging and interior redesign business for a very long time and I'm writing to those of you who are already home stagers or hoping to become a home stager. I've written extensively on how to start, build and grow a staging and redesign business. I've helped thousands of home stagers for many years - even those who have taken training elsewhere.

And I continue to look for ways to help by covering subjects that other people don't cover - subjects they don't even think about covering - subjects they wouldn't know how to cover. And that's what I've tried to do here..

Life is too short and this business is too complex to short change yourself by lack of preparation and poor business skills. I will admit that I've sometimes had to sue a client for breach of contract - even a verbal contract. While I'm no attorney, and while I haven't been down that road excessively, I've been through it enough to know how to navigate and how to (hopefully) prevent it from happening to you.

First of all, it can happen to anyone at any time. Try as you must, you cannot always predict what a client will try to do to avoid paying you your rightful fees. And when economic times get tougher, the temptation to look for loopholes in a contract get mighty strong. Otherwise good clients might become un-desirables given certain situations. That's why it's more important than ever to protect your interests from the outset.

Don't walk around in a fog on the subject of financial strategies for your business. It's too important.

TESTIMONIAL - "Dear Barbara, just finished your new book. I'm living at the other side of the globe, but if I'd be there with you, you'd receive a big hug! I'd like to thank you for all the wonderful books you've dedicated to teaching us, all packed with an incredible amount of knowledge, experience and your good heart. You're definitely a hugh source of inspiration to me, always feel rushes of excitement while journeying through your manuals. I'm convinced you've already earned truckloads of good karma in this life sharing yourself with us! Love, Marin DeRochemont"

TESTIMONIAL - "I had the opportunity to preview this manuscript and I found it to be very helpful to me in my home staging business. The author has covered the subject in simple, straight forward terms and I feel much better prepared to protect myself in the future. - Connie Sejeniker"

Here's What You Can Expect to Learn

home staging financial strategiesOK, so hopefully you understand by now that it is essential you protect yourself from deceitful clients. Here are the topics I address in "Getting Paid!"

  • How to Make Sure You Get What You Want – 5
  • Don’t Act Like an Elephant – 6
  • Know What You’re Worth – 7
  • Cultivate This Important Habit– 9
  • Work on This Important Aspect– 10
  • Get Comfortable with This Topic – 11
  • Avoid Working For or With These Types– 12
  • Know What You Want to Get – 13
  • It’s Not What the Market Will Bear Or Is It? – 14
  • What Things Are Not Your Friends - 19
  • It’s More Than Getting an Agreement or Contract – 24
  • Three Types of Positions to Take
  • Positioning - What is it? – 36
  • How to Recognize the Salable Property – 37
  • How Distance Can Help You – 41
  • What to Focus on Rather Than Features – 41
  • Important Points to Make to Agents – 44
  • How to Separate the Serious From the Non-Serious – 45
  • Arriving at an Agreement – 47
  • Effortless Clue About Paperwork – 49
  • How to Pass the Flinch Test – 50
  • Restraints That Will Hamper You – 53
  • How to Protect Your Reputation – 54
  • Making Sure Your Business Conduct is Right - 55
  • Answering the Question: Is the Customer Always Right? – 61
  • How to Turn a Negative Into a Positive – 66
  • Legal Action is Always a Possibility – 68
  • How to Limit Your Deals the Smart Way – 71
  • Collecting the Data You Might Need – 74
  • The Best Time to Close Your Deals – 77
  • The One Thing You Want to Always Be – 79
  • The One Thing You Always Want to Do – 80
  • Why It’s All About Compensation – Not Deals – 82
  • One Last Protective Strategy – 86
  • Learning How to Face Reality – 87
  • Sometimes Tough Love is Required - 88
  • More Ideas, Aids and Tools – 92
  • Top Paint Companies in USA - 117
  • A Handful of Successful Stagers – 124
  • Landing the Project So You Can Make a Profit - 134
  • Learning to Receive - 138
  • Turning Profits Into Riches - 141
  • What is Your Net Worth? - 144
  • Managing Your Profits - 146
  • Focusing on Your Opportunities - 147
  • Focusing on Promotion - 148
  • Overcoming Promotional Resistance - 151
  • My Final Challenge to You - 152
  • Questions and Answers - 154
  • How to Make Sure You Survive Hard Economic Times - 163
  • Twelve Tips for Success - 163
  • Reasons to Advertise in a Tough Economy - 166
  • Coping with Changing Times - 168
  • Publicity Still Pays Off - 171
  • Master the Art of Talking Points - 172
  • Black Belt Marketing Strategies - 174
  • Surviving the First Ten Years - 181
  • Additional Resources - 185-191

This is the only comprehensive tutorial you'll find anywhere at any price on this subject: as I said earlier, it's 191 pages (6x9) of no nonsense home staging financial strategy training. 

Be Prepared - Protect Your Business From Unscrupulous Homeowners or Agents

staging homes getting paidGetting Paid: Financial Strategies for Home Stagers is a rich how-to newly written training guide for prudent staging professionals who want to protect their interests in all their business dealings. The printed version is shipped leaving our warehouse either the same day or the following day after an order is placed.

There's a lot to learn but it's all laid out for you in a sequence that makes sense and written so that practically anyone can understand it easily and instantly.

You can always get your questions answered immediately just by sending me an email. And there is never any charge for answering your questions after you make a purchase of any of my products.

The First Shipment is Here - And Selling Out Fast

I've been advised to charge more for such proprietary information, but I'm more concerned that you can afford this specialized, advanced training, so I'm offering it for just $47.00 (plus S/H). If you like what you learn, I'm betting you'll tell other people about my courses and training products. Assuming the economy worsens, as it is predicted by many to do, this is no time to take chances on not getting paid for your services.

This training will not only stand you in good stead during difficult times, it will also serve you well during economic boom times as well. Let's face it. There will always be dishonest people out there and you'll never know in advance when you've run across one of them in your business dealings.

But by learning what I discuss on these pages, you'll not only be more alert to dangerous waters, you'll learn how to navigate through them and land safely on shore - at least as safely as possible. While I cannot guarantee that you'll never lose any money in your business, I can guarantee you that you'll definitely lessen the chances significantly by following the guidelines I set forth for you.

TESTIMONIAL - "I really feel privileged to be one of the first to read your book. It is excellent advice and an easy read. I also love all of the staging tricks you included, many of which I had never thought of doing. So thanks for going overboard and delivering more than promised. - Rachel Olegaard"

TESTIMONIAL - "Really good, really good. I feel so much more confident now. Many thanks. - Sylvia Smith"

Why You Should Act Now, Not Later

We are currently facing challenging times economically. During hardships, many people seek out ways to avoid paying for what they have promised, stiffing home stagers out of their rightful compensation. You cannot afford to find yourself in a situation where you aren't getting paid for work you have done. Now, at last, you can take steps before hand to reduce your exposure and give yourself a head start should you need to take legal steps to get paid. Be prepared - it's too late if you haven't taken the proper steps.


staged homes home staging business 1) 2009 Getting Paid! Manual

Don't delay as this price will go up from time to time. You're not going to find proprietary this information any where else at any price.

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