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home staging, staging homes, how to stage homes
home staging, staging homes

Home Staging for Profit
How to Dramatically Increase Your Income Using Little Known "Recession-Proof" Tactics!

Turn your passion for decorating into profits and add an additional revenue stream to your overall income.

National expert and author, Barbara Jennings, has trained thousands of readers how to start, develop, promote and profit from a home staging business. Based on 36 years of experience in staging, redesign, art and home business development, this large in-depth manual teaches pertinent tactics and strategies so anyone can succeed who puts forth the effort. In addition to superb training, it also fills the void regarding visual aids and tools geared to assist readers in promoting their business (i.e. slideshows, scripts, postcards, websites, videos, furniture moving tools etc). A free newsletter and online forum is available for ongoing training and interchange.

Geared for novices on up, there is plenty for every level. Readers get to peer into the inner workings of this growing home business opportunity, harness all of the author's insights, avoid the pitfalls, and capitalize on additional resources to more easily grow their business profits. The key to success is maintaining a positive attitude, remaining steadfast, and learning from those who have gone before. Well suited to anyone who loves decorating and working with people, staging is a fast growing industry with great potential.

Home staging combines decorating techniques with business and real estate strategies so stagers can use decorating skills to help owners sell their homes in record time for record profits, a service especially needed in a slowing economy. Written in a personable and conversational style, Home Staging for Profit is a must read for anyone serious or just exploring. It includes:

  • The History of Home Staging
  • What Exactly Is Home Staging (Home Enhancement)
  • The Psychology of Home Staging and Enhancement
  • The Benefits You Can Expect as a Home Stager
  • Why Home Staging is So Effective
  • Statistics of Why it Works
  • The Art of Home Staging and Enhancement
  • The Top 10 Mistakes Sellers Usually Make
  • The Top 10 Most Common Problems
  • 16 Ways to Identify Do-It-Yourself Sellers
  • What a Home Stager Does
  • What Separates the Stager from the Seller and Agent
  • How to Identify a Home's Faults
  • How to Identify a Home's Assets
  • How to Portray the Home's Full Potential
  • How to Identify What Is Most Important Immediately
  • How to Turn The Situation Around for the Seller
  • Guerilla Marketing to Overcome the Marketing Challenges
  • Concepts of Staging that Differ From Decorating
  • How to Evaluate the Time Factors for Staging a Home
  • What Kind of Expertise is Needed
  • Attitude and Skills That Are Needed for Success
  • The Role of Interior Design Knowledge in the Process
  • 4 Crucial Aspects to a Professional Image
  • 16 Ways We Support Your Success
  • The Top 5 Real Estate Corporations
  • How to Find Agents Who Suit You
  • How to Find Sellers Who Suit You
  • Four Top Ways to Build a Clientele
  • 16 Sources for Building a Referral Network
  • How to Identify Consultation Seekers
  • The 3 Top Benefits to Sellers
  • Taking Your First Steps and What to Do
  • Effective Ways to Present Services to Agents
  • 44 Important Questions to Ask Agents
  • How to Negotiate Terms With Agents
  • How to Meet With Sellers and What to Do First
  • 48 Crucial Questions to Ask Sellers
  • The Right Ways and Sequences to Tour the Property
  • How to Use the Checklists to Evaluate the Home
  • How to Develop Winning Estimates That Beat the Competition
  • Making Recommendations to the Seller
  • Quick Guide to Pricing Your Services
  • What You Should Always Get Before Starting Any Project
  • A Quick Guide of 20 Tips to Home Enhancement/Home Staging
  • 17 Quick Start Steps to Successful Staging
  • The 12-Step Process Overall Guide
  • 16 of the Most Common Things to Remove
  • 65 Things You'll Probably Need in Your Tool Box
  • 25 Types of Props You Might Want to Inventory
  • Our 9 Steps to Carpet Care and Stain Removal Guide
  • Quick Guide for Polishing and Care of Wood Furniture and Floors
  • Choosing What to Repair and What to Paint
  • 7 Types of Paint and Our Quick Guide to Choosing Paint
  • How to Advice Sellers on Styling
  • 12 Types of Vendors You'll Need
  • The 2 Essential Concepts to Powerful Home Staging
  • 7 Questions You Should Ask Yourself
  • The 5 Top Steps to Any Home Staging Project
  • 6 Top Feelings Your Seller Wants and Needs
  • 15 Basic Furniture Arrangement Tips
  • How to Handle the Seller's Possessions
  • A Unique Addition to Put in Every Room
  • A Unique Addition to Add to Every Box of Removed Items
  • A Complete Moving Tips Guide
  • 25 Page Check List Covering The Most Common Rooms and Areas of Any Home
  • 9 Items the Seller Should Do At the End
  • 11 Additional Services You Can Offer for a Complete Package
  • The 10 Critical Factors of Good Interior Design


  • The Easiest Way to Organize Your Prospects Without a Computer
  • Your Best Source for New Clients
  • 8 Powerful Ways to Garner New Clients
  • How to Get Appointments
  • The 4 Questions Everyone Wants to Ask You
  • Three Top Ways to Announce Your Services
  • How to Manage Phone Discussions
  • How to Manage Cancellations
  • 5 Crucial Components to a Great Home Stager
  • A Home Stager's Initial Key Ingredient
  • All About Control, Feedback, Fees, Referrals and Testimonials
  • 5 Critical Things to Do at the End
  • 5 Factors in Determining Your Fees
  • All About Quoting Your Fees
  • 22 Typical Expenses and How to Use Them to Your Advantage
  • 12-Step Sequence for Managing Your Business
  • All About Legal Structures, Names
  • 2 Licenses You'll Need
  • 9 Important Steps to Building a Powerful Business Plan
  • 7 Key Factors for Setting Up a Budget
  • 5 Keys to Financial Organization
  • Creating the Right Marketing Materials
  • 2 Types of Insurance You'll Need
  • Tips on Autos and Taxes
  • The Top Guerilla Marketing Tactic for Consultants
  • How to Implement the Top Guerilla Marketing Tactic
  • 14 Steps To Free Promotion for Your Business
  • 32 Ways to Create a Buzz About Your Services
  • 7 Websites That Will Help You Succeed
  • 3 Other Ways to Garner Clients
  • 6 Ways to Get People to Call You
  • Why Most Businesses Don't Succeed and How You Can Avoid Failing
  • Your Personal Seven-Step Guerilla Marketing Plan
  • 5 Ways to Reach Your Niche Market and Convert Them to Clients
  • Promotional Case Study
  • 15 Essential Factors You Need in Your Plan
  • 26 Ways to Get Organized and Stay Organized
  • 7 More Questions to Ask Yourself
  • The 4 Most Important Strategies for Success
  • How to Become a Leading Strategic Force in Home Staging
  • 6 Tactical Questions You Must Answer
  • 4 Essential Factors for Your Marketing Strategy
  • 8 Ways to Provide Value to Your Clients
  • 18 Things That Influence Business Strategy
  • The 4 Tops Strategy Options You Should Know
  • Questions and Answers
  • Other Helpful Resources
  • Your Own Business Listing in the largest, most popular Staging and Redesign Directory hosted on this site - the fastest growing internet directory on the web - where many trainees are reporting they have been contacted for business before they have even received their training. No other trainer gives you a listing along with your book, absolutely FREE. If you are contacted before you're ready, simply tell the party that your schedule is "full" at the moment and that if they can wait a little while you'll get back to them as soon as possible. If you want to be considered legitimately in the business, you must be listed in this directory.
  • Learn how to promote your business at social events and even add party decorating services to your list of talents. Our eBook "Great Parties! Great Homes!" is included with your training.

Testimonial "It's been over a year since I first downloaded and read your Home Staging Training book. I wanted to thank you as it encouraged me to get into the decorating business I love, despite not having expensive training as a decorator. After reading your book I made my first call to a local Realtor and offered a free consultation - a year later I'm exhausted with the constant work and my husband is considering joining me! This is especially surprising since I thought the business would 'slowly' grow until my youngest was in school. I'm busy, clients are happy and as yet I'm getting all my jobs from website contact and Realtor referrals. Realtors love my economic service and it keeps me in demand. Thank you for your priceless, hard-core business information that made me feel prepared to compete with the Big Boys of staging in my area! I believe most arts (including decorating) are talent based, but your business information gave me critical information to provide professional services from the first day. Thanks! - Shannon, ArtisanHomeStaging"

This detailed guide is the 2nd in a series. Her first very successful guide, Rearrange It, teaches how to start and grow an interior re-design business. This book, coupled with free access to additional color photos, design tricks and multiple free videos, makes it a complete learning experience.

Additional on-going training and tools are recommended for the truly serious as continuing education is always helpful no matter what business one starts. Choose from 3 options: just the book, just the eBook with bonuses, or the printed book with directory listing and bonus eBook. See below.


1) Current Manual
Printed manual without the directory listing and without the bonus eBook. Includes monthly business newsletter. Pay only $59.95
$29.95 plus S/H while supplies last. Click here to order your copy:
Training Manual Only (Continental USA)

2) eBook Edition With Bonuses
  • Current eBook Version
  • Downloadable immediately-read on computer
  • $129.95 $99.95 total
  • Includes Business Directory Listing for Life
  • Includes Great Parties eBook
  • Includes All Bonuses and Newsletter
  • Includes Personal Mentoring at No Additional Charge
  • Order Now
3) Current Manual With Bonuses

TESTIMONIAL - "I am having a wonderful time reading and doing all the fun things in your newsletter. Thanks for being a part of your organization. My staging is going well and I am lecturing at Libraries and Real estate companies about twice monthly, which give me more outlet for staging homes. Again, thanks for being a part of your organization. Mary Beverly"

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Barbara Jennings is author of 10 decorating books: Decor Secrets Revealed, Rearrange It, Home Staging for Profit, Home Staging for Yourself, Arrange Your Stuff, Advanced Redesign, Pro Art Consulting, Where There's a Wall - There's a Way, The Art of Hanging Art, Great Parties! Great Homes!

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