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Ratchet Up Your Profits with
Home Staging in Tough Times

Is the economy negatively affecting your business?
Have you adapted to the changing business climate?
Are you promoting your business for a down market?

Best Selling Author, Barbara Jennings, reveals the secret insider tactics that can grow your business exponentially in a down market or in a recession or depression - any market at all - even without cash!

Tough Times Call for Extraordinary Tactics

FROM THE BACK COVER - Whenever consultants face challenging times, either economically or personally, the need for deeper, fresh, compelling business tactics and strategies becomes more necessary, even vital for survival for some entrepreneurs.

Home Staging in Tough Times brings together some of the most cutting edge marketing strategies in the home staging industry ever put in print, teaching readers how to think and operate “outside the box” and meet the challenges of the times with a deep passion, a high ethical standard and well-deserved hope. Readers will be introduced to a host of practical tips, ideas and concepts never before published by Barbara Jennings, national best selling author in the industry. Jennings doesn’t just give theory, but she makes the more difficult applications for readers, filling her pages with a multitude of examples, forms, sample letters, sample promotional articles, encouragement, creativity and so much more.

Her easy going conversational style is personable and makes for a pleasant read.

Learn how you can ratchet up your profits from your home staging business, generate more clients in new and unusual ways that work especially well in down markets and keep your business prospering no matter what circumstances currently surrounding you.

Brand New Exclusive Training

Hello, I'm Barbara Jennings.

I've been writing for the home staging industry for many years, covering such topics as how to start a home staging business, how to create a powerful portfolio with which to make presentations, how to build clients among the upscale residents in your locality, how to make sure you get properly paid for every staging project, interior design concepts every stager must know and much more. As the economy began to lag I saw a need to cover a whole new realm of territory that no one had ever written about - and that was how one should market and promote their business during tough times - during a recession or a depression.

But I also wanted to give help to people who were just having a tough time getting the ground or who had financial hardships caused by a death in the family or a divorce. So when I chose the phrase "tough times", I didn't want it to refer only to difficult economic times - but all difficult situations. I wanted to write a helpful, practical book that would be for anyone who is struggling, no matter what the cause may be. Therefore I believe this book is timeless in its ability to help, to encourage and to motivate any reader seeking help in starting, growing or maintaining a home staging business.

I've been in the home staging, redesign and art consulting fields for 4 decades and have a wealth of experience building a home based business - as well as an online business. So I know what it means to start from scratch with an idea, work untold hours to develop it and then be around to give ongoing support and advice. I'm not about selling an informational product without also providing support for readers. So first of all you should know that if you find this guidance would be beneficial to you, that you'll have the ability to contact me later if you have further questions or need advice. You'll be able to write me and you'll also be automatically added to my database to receive my monthly newsletters, which will provide you with up-to-the-minute ideas and concepts that will help keep you informed of what's happening in the industry.

But enough about me. Let me tell you briefly what types of information I've included in this guide to coping with tough times.


When I started out there was practically no competition in the marketplace. None. That was great and you would have thought that getting clients was a super easy process. It was not. The reason it was not easy is that the marketplace needed to be educated. There was no "industry" yet. Concepts were new and there was resistance. But times have changed. Whereas before the real estate market mantra was "Location! Location! Location!" now the mantra has been changed "Staged! Staged! Staged!" As agents and brokers and homeowners have been educated about the importance of home staging, they are much more willing to look to the services of a home stager (or to do it themselves), but there is more competition in every sense of the word.

Add to that the slowing economy and you have a recipe for a "perfect storm" - where only the fittest will survive. So to help you survive - and even thrive - I decided to write this guide.

Let me tell you briefly about what type of information you can expect to receive:

  • Chapter One deals with changing your mindset from what has worked in the past to what needs to work for you in the present and future. You might think this goes without saying - but it actually needs saying and explanation too. Unless you change your mindset from the standard one to a more creative, "outside the box" kind of mindset, you won't get it and your business might not survive.
  • Chapter Two focuses on some more cutting edge tactics for promoting and marketing your business. I'm going to come at it from a different angle than what I teach in my basic training. You're going to discover some more in-depth strategies that you may not have thought of before and see how you can apply them in a down market - a market in which they thrive even better than an up market.
  • Chapter Three will discuss how you can orchestra projects and deals in a cashless manner so that it doesn't matter if you have any cash or not and it doesn't even matter if your client doesn't have any cash. You'll learn all about this type of business dealing and I'll give you the theory, but then I'll also adapt it for you within our industry. This should challenge you enough to come with some additional ideas and nuances of your own.
  • Chapter Four delves deeper into the cashless and creative thought process, tactics, strategies and mindset that can propel your business to new heights in all sorts of ways - way beyond the norm. You'll discover that you're not even limited to your own business but that you can expand and repeat these same ideas in a multitude of ways. Your profits could literally explode.
  • Chapter Five - This is the practical chapter because it's filled with form after form after form that will help you pull all this together into the kind of cohesive unit that will serve as the base for all your ideas, tactics and strategies. You know, I've taken a lot of seminars in my day and read a lot of books. Many have been very, very good - but they would have been soooooo much better if the authors had included practical forms and steps to serve as a thought-provoking guide and organizational tool. I've done all that for you. Not to worry.
  • Chapter Six is a frank discussion of how to hire some of the most critical vendors you'll probably need for your home staging services. It is included because these businesses are not only sources for cashless deals but because they are excellent sources for you to leverage your business through and with. But if you don't have them lined up and allied to you, you won't be able to take advantage of them to build your business - and help them build their business at the same time.
  • Chapter Seven gives your my closing thoughts and feelings and is a brief motivational piece. You know, when times are tough, we all need to band together to help each other. We need to break down the negative feelings of competition and see that competition and changing times can act as a blessing in disguise. It is a message of hope and a challenge to renewed motivation.
  • Chapter Eight refocuses you on some critical resources I've made available to help you in your business. I'm devoted to my readers and students and I'm not interested in steering you into training or products that you don't need. On the other hand, I would be remiss as your mentor and teacher if I did not at least mention them so you can avail yourself of them if you choose.

There you have it. The book is 210 pages. It is a large format (full size sheets 8.5 x 11) so the reading is easy and the forms are reproducible quite easily.


BONUS 1 - Yes, there are forms in the book which you can copy - but then you'll probably have to break the spine of your book or cut them out - and you don't want to do that. So getting the PDF file with the forms is the best of all worlds, I think, and you'll be given a link to the forms when your book arrives.

BONUS 2 - You'll also get access to my white paper on the Secret Ingredients to a Consultant's Success which will come to you as a free bonus for purchasing this book. It is not available from any other source.

BONUS 3 - Article on How Sellers Can Help Themselves which you can use an an value-added gift to your prospects and clients.

BONUS 4 -  82 Power driven, cutting-edge domain name examples especially geared for selling and prospecting during tough times. Early birds get the best picks, so don't delay ordering your copy of this powerful book.

BONUS 5 -  17 Catchy Promotional Phrases that stick in your prospect's mind and get passed on as part of a referral back to you - assuming you use them.



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  • Includes Monthly Building Building Newsletter
  • Includes PDF of all the forms for quick download (not available if purchased elsewhere)
  • Includes 82 Cutting Edge Domain Names and additional bonus articles on the benefits of home staging and how sellers can help and more
  • Includes the Secret Ingredients to Consultant Success
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