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use what you already own to Redecorate!

Make $75-150 Per Hour Redecorating for Others
Furniture Arrangement/Redesign Training
Earn Money as a Redesigner in 7 Days or Less Newly Revised!
Have fun decorating for others in your own home decorating business. Everyone wants to redecorate for Christmas. Earn what you are worth, at last! Get trained immediately and make extra money for Christmas helping others redecorate! Newly revised in November, and better than ever!

"Is the training easy to read and understand? YES!!! Is the training informative and useful? YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! Does the training inspire me to try re-decorating?  ABSOLUTELY YES!!!!!" - Sandy Finch

"Your training is condensed down to the real nitty gritty, helpful, instructive and informative information. There is no non useful filler in what you do. Thank you." - Ardis Simcik
how to get clients How One Lady Got a New Client New!
"A picture is worth a thousand words which is why I try to show people what I do, not 'tell' them. I was getting my hair done and sitting in the waiting room. A nice lady walked in for her appointment and we started to chat. When the conversation rolled around to what we did for a living, she seemed intrigued by the concept of redesign. By no accident, I just 'happened' to have a CD of your slideshow in my car. I popped out to get one and gave it to her, getting her phone number and address at the same time. After a few days, I called to see if she had viewed the slideshow. The rest is history. She is now another one of my satisfied clients. Thank you for this great sales tool, Barbara. It really does help 'sell' the concept." - Sally Schlinder
Earn Money as an Art Consultant in 90 Days or Less
Have fun designing decorative art programs for businesses. Work from your home by appointment and work when you want. It's an easy business to learn and very creative too. If you love art, or are an artist already, this business is perfect for you. Hang out with CEOs and executives looking for art for their offices. Join the lucrative and prestigious ranks of art consultants. No experience necessary and full and complete training provided.

"I'm really enjoying your book! (Pro Art Consulting!) I'm very interested in art and art consultation. I'm also interested in art brokering. Isn't it amazing the heights to which art prices can soar, i.e., the recent Picasso sale at Sotheby's? - Ian Campbell"

New! - Professional Certification Available!
By popular request, we now have a Certification Program for those of you who want a little more clout for your business. It's not essential to be certified to be successful, but we do have it available to you if you are interested. It's an easy way to get some responsible affirmation of your skills and knowledge. Check it out.
List Your Redesign Business
If you are starting, or already have, a redesign business or an art consulting business, and you'd like to list your business in our national directory, you can join it quite easily. The listing is free for the first year to all who have purchased "Rearrange It!" as an eBook or the manual. For all others, there is a fee. Click on the link above for more details.

Redesigners's Directory
Our Redesign/ArtConsultant Directory is growing and we are pleased to be able to feature the consultants/decorators that have listed their businesses with us. Please visit to find out who is working in your part of the US or Canada.
how to use what you already own to redecorate by rearranging the 
furniture you already own Redecorate ANY Room in 3 Hours or Less Easily!

Redecorate Just Like a Designer, Using the Furnishings You Already Own! - NEW REVISED TRAINING! Barbara Jennings will answer trainee's questions personally for free when you write.

"I just wanted to let you know that E-V-E-R-Y-B-O-D-Y LOVES what I have been doing to this house!!!! Your name is DEFINITELY of CELEBRITY STATUS around here!!!!  And our bedroom is the biggest re-decorating success so far!!!!!  - Sandy Finch

Free Decorating Newsletter
and Other Decorating Products

101 Ways to Dress a Naked Wall!
"Where There's a Wall - There's a Way", Tips & Templates & Illustrations
"This training was really easy to follow and understand. I like all the ideas. But I especially like the templates because I can plan out my own ideas on paper first. Thank you for all the help." - Marie Oliver
The Secret Art of Hanging Art
Hang It Quick & Easy the First Time! Professional Tips.
"This is great training. I was able to create a beautiful gallery wall for my stairwell. Using the tips you gave made it all very easy to hang. Thank you." - Kim DeVong

Affordable Advice by Mail/In Person
"You really helped me see the room 'within the room.' Thank you for ALL your lay out suggestions as I was only expecting one or two solutions! (By Mail Consultation)" - KH

"Hi Barbara, thanks for all the info and especially the reminders/recommendations at the end of your e-mail. They will be with me when I shop! Again,thank all of you for my lovely new living room! (In-Home Consultation) - Kate Matta"

Current Color Trends Report
The Hot Decorating Colors You Need to Know About
- "I'm really glad I got your training on the color trends for this year. You kept me from making a major decorating mistake." - Ora Menten

Great Parties! Great Homes!
Decorate & Host Great Parties!
Brand New Training Just in Time for the Holidays or Your Next Party! Table Decorations, Dinner Table Etiquette, Arranging Bouquets, Party Planning Guide and Much More!!!


Arranging Furniture Furniture Arranging Business Getting Clients Hanging Art Arranging Art Decorating Tips Free Newsletter
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