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Get Paid to Do What You Love!
How to Start Your Own
Re-Design Business

Where Your First Client Pays for Your Training - Train at Home

Have fun decorating for others in your own home decorating business. Everyone wants to redecorate some time. Earn what you are worth, at last! Don't take those outrageously overpriced seminars and home study courses averaging $2500-3500! Study at home at your pace with our newly revised and better than ever training program - it's amazingly affordable and 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

"Is the training easy to read and understand? YES!!! Is the training informative and useful? YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! Does the training inspire me to try re-decorating?  ABSOLUTELY YES!!!!!" - Sandy Finch

"Your courses inspire me and give me the confidence to continue my passion for interior design. . . . Love your site and your books and look forward to having a complete collection your expert advise. - Brenda Cassell"

"My partner, Deborah, and I have been doing this for years and finally decided to get paid for it. We read your eBook and it has helped us launch a very successful redesign business. No one else in our area offers these services! It is really like getting paid to have fun! . . . we have created a "buzz" in our area (previously untapped market) and are desperately trying to keep up with the calls. Thank you for all your help! - Lisette Dell'Apa"

"I just wanted to write and let you know what an amazing wealth of information "Rearrange it!" has provided! . . . I ordered the book, with some trepidation at first . . . but your guarantee won me over, and now I wouldn't dream of asking for a refund!!!!! I learned so much about the direction to take with my business! THANK YOU! It is also incredibly inspirational to find someone who is so service and client driven! . . . Thank you for giving me the confidence to forge ahead with my dreams. Keep up the great work!" - Shelly Landry

1) Basic Redesign Business Training
2) Advanced Redesign Training
3) Combination Basic & Advanced Redesign Training

4) Deluxe Redesign Business Training
5) Sapphire Redesign Business Training

Advanced Redesign Training

The Sequel to Our Basic Redesign Training!


Looking for more in-depth training in redesign? Hot off the e-press! Sixteen chapters (the equivalent of 200 pages) on strategic re-design training to help you maximize your profits. Tons of strategies and concepts. Recommended for those that have already taken the basic training in Rearrange It!. Get ready to blow your mind. You won't have time to do everything we cover - but this training is for the truly serious re-designer. Available only here! 


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