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Choose a Custom Logo!

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Exclusively here!
Now you can get a custom business logo, made exclusively for the redesign/decorating field by a digital graphic artist.

Yes, that's right. I've made arrangements with a graphic artist to put together a selection of custom logos which you can purchase for your exclusive use. These logos are available only here and held in reserve pending purchase from a redesigner, decorator or art consultant that visits this website. These designs will never be offered for sale anywhere else and are fully copyrighted by the artist and until they are sold. Then the copyright shifts to the buyer.

This is just another way I'm trying to help you launch your business quickly and easily - not just any business, but a business that will look and "feel" professional in every sense of the word.

Here's How It Works . . . .

Once purchased, each logo design will be removed from the list of available designs and retired forever, so you don't need to worry about anyone else using your design. You will have complete and total rights to the design for as long as you wish to use it.

Notice that each design uses the words "Company Name" in the sample. This wording will be removed and your own business name will be manually inserted instead once the purchase is made. Then the design, with your business name, will be emailed to you for your private use.

Is This a Good Value?

All I can say is, don't worry about trying to come up with a logo. We're committed to providing you with a wide selection to choose from and the sample designs will be updated periodically, so if you don't find one right away that pleases you, check back often as there will always be new ones added to the list.

When you consider that the average graphic designer would charge hundreds of dollars for a custom logo (even thousands, perhaps), I believe I've negotiated an incredible deal for you.  

Logo design is a specialized field of design and each one, no matter how intricately involved, has been created exclusively for redesigners, decorators and art consultants with tender loving care and imagination. This takes a great deal of skill and dedication to hone images into a single tight niche market.

Some of the designs are abstractions suggesting interior design and others are more representational. Some focus on color and design.  Hopefully, you'll have trouble deciding on the one you want because you'll want several of them.

Who Created These?

The designer is a great gal named Sandy Finch who is a wizard at digital design, having created many original works of art as screensavers, wallpapers and greeting cards. She has a great sense of humor and takes great pride in her work.

Sandy also teaches people how to create original digital art. She recently bought a home and has taken all of my training in Decor Secrets Revealed and Rearrange It and Advanced Redesign. I guess I'm a little partial at this point, because she has become one of my biggest fans in the process, and that's always nice.

So Sandy knows first hand what our business is all about. She has already used the decor concepts she has learned to professionally rearrange the furniture and accessories she already owned, which has thrilled not only her, but her family and friends as well.

Unable to do redesign as a business herself due to a bad back, she is able to create her own special brand of art on computer while enjoying her home.

Now we're fortunate to have her as our exclusive logo designer.

Be Compatible With Your Image

A financial or legal institution would want a logo that is more conservative in design and color. Navy blue, maroon, and dark teal are good color selections for projecting a conservative image.

But redesigners are more artistic. If you are an artist or a designer, you may want a logo that is more abstract and contemporary. Shapes and symbols are good choices for an abstract look. Even using black and white as colors on a unique design gives a contemporary look and feel.

Keep Your Design Simple

One reason your logo should be simple is that people process an image in their mind more readily than words alone. The other reason that your logo should be "simple" is that the simpler your logo is, the easier it will be for your graphic designer to resize and recolor it for various design purposes. You should have various logo sizes (small, medium, and large), a web version and a print version of your logo, and a black-and-white and color version. Always plan beyond your initial design purposes for your logo since the ultimate goal of your business is to expand.

Be Unique and Recognizable

There are two reasons you need an unique logo. First, you want people to see a visual representation of your company or business. When people see your logo, you want them to immediately associate that logo design with you and no one else. You don't want your logo to be a piece of clip art because someone might associate that clip art with your competitor. Using an image or a typeface that is all too common defeats the purpose of having a logo, and can even have a negative backlash among your audience who would view your company as unimaginative. But on the other hand, a typeface that is simple is far more "readable" than those that are fancy.

Second, a unique business identity is important because you don't want to violate any copyrights or trademarks of other companies. If your logo is too similar to another company's logo, it is in your best interest to modify or redesign the logo. What it would cost you in time and money to have it redone would be very small compared to winding up in court for a copyright violation.

If your logo is simple and unique, and if people visit your web site repeatedly, people will associate your logo with your company. When done properly, a logo is one of the simplest ways to make a brand name recognition impact.

"This wallpaper is great!  Looking at the logo this big all the time on my desktop will definitely keep me motivated focused on the target.  - J. Nehf

"I am so excited about the idea of getting a professionally designed logo and wallpaper. This is a really cool idea. Thanks for making it all so easy to accomplish." - Jean Cole

So Let's Cut to the Chase . . .

Below are the selections currently available. Each is assigned it's own code number.  When you find the one you wish to purchase, fill out the form at the bottom of the page, indicating the code number you wish.

In addition to the code number, you'll be asked for your company name, any slogan you wish to use, your name, address, email address, credit card number and expiration date.  All the standard stuff.

Once you've made the purchase and we have your selection and the data you wish, it will be turned over to Sandy to customize for you.

Please allow 3 business days for customization.

When this has been done, Sandy will email you the file, along with any instructions that might be necessary.

So What Could Be Easier?

Treat yourself to a creative, original business logo. You deserve it and it's just one less detail you'll need to worry about to get your business off the ground and going.

You'll be able to use your logo for your website, your letter head, your envelopes, your business cards, your invoices, any brochures or flyers you create, and on and on and on.



When you have made your selection from those shown below, continue to scroll down and fill out the form. Then click on the purchase link. That's all there is to it.  If Sandy has any questions for you, she'll have your email address and you can expect to hear from her soon.

You can have your choice of colors on some of the logos. Please indicate your preferences when you fill out the form and Sandy will try to accommodate your requests.

Make Your Logo Choice Here

Bonus Gift
To sweeten the deal further, I've arranged with Sandy to also send you a wallpaper suitable for your computer's desktop. Imagine how encouraging and motivating it will be to start your computer each morning with your personal business logo as your wallpaper.

So you get the logo for use in your real time business materials and an enlarged version as a free wallpaper for your computer.

"Sandy, I have received to zip logo file. All the logos look great! I am very grateful to you for doing so much more than what I expected. I know this will help me convey a great image for my new business! - Carlina"



If you order by

your logo, which normally would run well over a hundred dollars from a competitor will only be a low, low $75.00. That's a tremendous bargain considering that you won't find these specialized industry appropriate logos anywhere else at any price.

What is it worth to you to get your business professionally launched immediately. We're in a visual business and, believe me, you will be judged on the visual presentation of your materials, not just as a person. People want to feel that you are creative, professional and innovative.

These are all subliminal messages your logo will convey on your behalf. But you need the right look to represent you appropriately.

For this reason, your logo should be contemporary, not hokey. It should reflect our business in some abstract or representational way. It should not be overly feminine yet it should not be masculine (unless, of course, you're one of our few male re-designers or consultants).



Here's the brief form. Be sure to complete Step One and then purchase the logo under Step Two.

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Custom Logo Purchase
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Information below must match credit card used to make purchase.
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Your privacy is very important to us. We will not give or sell your name and information to anyone.

Click the button above to respond to Step One.
Forms capable browser required -- Just Press the button ONCE please.
If you make a mistake, just click on the "Clear Form" button and re-enter your information.
Two Ways to Order

Method One
The fastest way to order is directly from the Secure Server Order Form link below. Keep in mind that when you use our order form on our Secure Servers, we can email you the instructions to get the software version of the manual within 5 minutes so you can start re-decorating/re-arranging immediately.

Secure Server Encryption
Our Shopping Cart is hosted at a secure site called Veracart.Com and all information posted is automatically encrypted for your security. You may check the status of their security certificate at any time during the checkout process. Look for the Secure Status Image in the upper right corner and click on it.

1) Logos Currently Not Available

Method Two
You can order by check with our FAX or Mail-in Order Form.
Simply print this order form out and send it, along with your payment. After we receive your order and payment, instructions will be sent to you via email.

2) Logos Currently Not Available

NOTE: These logos are custom made and original once your company's name is drafted into the design. As such they are not refundable for any reason. All sales are final.

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