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Need a Payment Plan?

We reserve the right to terminate this plan without advance notice at any time.


Here's how the payment plans work. If you choose a course with a 2-payment plan, the sale price of the course is divided evenly by 2. The first payment will be for 1/2 of the course fee, plus a processing fee,  applicable sales tax (if any) and shipping charges. The final payment will be for the balance of the course fee (plus sales tax, if any) and will be charged to your card in 30 days from date of order. You must use a credit card with sufficient credit to manage both payments without a problem. A penalty of $10 shall be incurred if we cannot process your second payment when due.




REFUND POLICY: Typically students are granted a 3-day perusal of a course, upon which, if not satisfied, they may request a partial refund, less shipping charges. However, any student opting to purchase on a payment plan must forego any refund options. Read our Terms of Use here.

If for any reason we are unable to charge your credit card for the remaining payment, you must supply us with an alternate credit card to charge. Failure to do so will terminate your ability to receive the full value of the course and the account will be turned over to a collection agency.  Your credit rating would then be negatively impacted at all three credit bureaus.

DELAY OF CERTAIN ITEMS: Certain aspects of a course will be delayed until additional payments or final payment has been received: such aspects as the Diamond members only website, directory listings, websites or single pages, certification. You may contact us at any time if you wish to accelerate the payment schedule, however, as we are adaptable in helping you get the most from your course in the fastest manner possible. Thank you for choosing our courses.


Please choose the course you want in Step One below, fill out the form and submit it. Then scroll down to Step Two and select the appropriate course. The links will take you to our shopping cart where you can place your order.

Step One - Fill Out Form and Submit
Yes, I agree to give up any refund option if I select to pay for my course on a payment plan basis. I further will provide a credit or debit card capable of managing the payment plan I am choosing for the duration of the plan. If I choose to use a debit card and a payment is declined, I agree to pay the additional penalty of $10 minimum. I understand that certain aspects of a course will be delayed until the final payment has been received (such as personal website, diamond members site, directory listings, certification, marketing mentoring). I also understand that should I wish to accelerate the payments, I may do so by contacting Barbara Jennings by email. I further agree that if any payment is delayed for any reason or the charge is denied by my bank for any reason, there will be an additional $10 penalty charge added for each payment affected. In that event, please accept my request for the following course.


Please select one course from list below:

Ruby Sapphire Course
- 2 payments of $700 each (plus tax if in CA)
(plus $20 processing fee, S/H on first payment only - balance of $700 in 30 days)
Diamond Ruby Course
- 2 payments of $500 each (plus tax if in CA)
(plus $20 processing fee, S/H on first payment only - balance of $500 in 30 days)
Diamond Standard Course - 2 payments of $350 each (plus tax if in CA)
(plus $20 processing fee, S/H on first payment only - balance of $350 in 30 days)

Billing Information
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Shipping Information
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Your privacy is very important to us. We will not give or sell your name and information to anyone. All credit card information is destroyed after we process your order.

Click the button above to respond to Step One.
Forms capable browser required -- Just Press the button ONCE please.
If you make a mistake, just click on the "Clear Form" button and re-enter your information.
Thank you for your payment plan request. We are pleased you have chosen to train with Barbara Jennings.

NOTE: Your order for a course using the payment plan method has not been completed. Once you have submitted the form, continue below to complete the process.


Step Two - Choose Course and Make Purchase
Once you have selected the course you wish to purchase, you must select the appropriate link below and purchase the course at the first payment rate, which has already been entered for you. We will match up your purchase with the form data you submit above in order for the purchase to process appropriately. Failure to fill out the form above will cause your purchase to be voided, so be sure to submit the form first, and then make your purchase.

To purchase the two payment plan for Ruby Sapphire Course (USA only),
click on this link: Ruby Sapphire Course (Continental USA only)

To purchase the two payment plan for Diamond Ruby Course (USA only),
click on this link: Diamond Ruby Course (Continental USA only)

To purchase the two payment plan for Diamond Standard Course (USA only),
click on this link: Diamond Standard Course (Continental USA only)