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home staging, staging homes, how to stage homes
home staging, staging homes

Add a Partner to Your Home Staging and Redesign Business

If you're considering one of our courses to help you learn how to start a home staging or interior redesign business, you can add a partner for very little additional fee.

Essentially, we do not certify businesses - only individuals. By paying the certification fee plus our one time enrollment fee (currently $395 total), your partner can share in the usage of the materials of the course, but can also earn his/her own certification separate from yours. This is important should you ever decide to discontinue the partnership and go your separate ways.

When you send us the partner's name, address, phone number and email address, we will add your partner to the database. The partner will have access to their own copies of the eBooks that make up part of the course, will be listed with you as a partner in the directories, will have their own access to the private training website for additional support and training, will receive their own newsletters, and will enjoy the same privileges as you. You will, of course, have to share all the other components of the course such as books, CDs, sliders, website, video and so forth.

So if you and your partner live close to each other, you can either study together with the shared materials, or swap them back and forth as you see fit. While we suggest a sequence of study, it is not mandatory to follow our suggestions, making it quite easy to share materials and still get properly trained.

If you wish to add a partner, choose the link below. You must purchase one of the Diamond courses or the Sapphire course at the same time to activate a partnership.

Add a Partner
Over 30,000 Stagers and Redesigners Trained So Far

Over 20,000 home stagers and interior redesigners have taken our training programs. Whether you choose the "a la carte" method or one of our exclusive, comprehensive courses, you can't go wrong. Train with the top program on the internet.

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